• Expansion Module for read Analog Inputs
  • Integrated Programable chip
  • Connector integrated for expansion
  • Address Configurable  DIP switches
  • Programable Data Rate
  • Din Rail Mounting



  • 16-Bit/0-10V DC Resolution Analog Inputs
  • Possible to read 0-20mA /4-20mA Analog signals
  • Programable ADS1115 ADC chip  via I2C protocol.
  • Integrated DIP switches for change the I2C Bus Address Configuration
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • 24V DC Rated Supply Voltage


  • Supports maximum four units for single Bus expansion

Ports & Connections

  • 40 pin board board-to-board connector integrated for expansion
  • Top Hat type Din Rail Mounting
  • 8 x Analog Inputs 0 – 20mA DC
  • 1 x Input Power


Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 113.6 × 45 × 99.6 mm


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